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Indoor Pollution

• Property Damage Restoration
• Mold Remediation • Troubled Attics
• Hazardous Material Abatement
• Lead on Paint Testing
• Radon Testing • Asbestos Testing
• Allergens Management
• Flooding / Leaks Mitigation
• Humidity Management
• Volatile Organic Compounds Testing
• Odor Management • Smoke-Free Testing
• Backflow Sewer Prevention


Handy Men & Remodeling

• Painting
• Rehabilitation
• Renovations
• Kitchen and Bathroom
• Drywall
• Remodeling
• Roofing Issues
• Foundation Leaks
• Plumbing Leaks
• Demolition


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• Single-Family Houses
• Apartments
• Complex Apartments
• Multiunit Buildings
• Condominiums
• Townhomes
• Cabins & Cottage

Residential Cleaning

Janitorial, Cleaning & Sanitation

• Home Cleaning Services
Janitorial Commercial
Carpet Cleaning
Area Rug Cleaning
Steam Cleaning
Tile Floors
Truck Mount Available
Sitting Booths Steam Clean
Move-in Move-out Cleaning
After Construction Cleaning

Indoor Cleaning Services

Window Cleaning

• Interior Windows
• Exterior Windows
• Glass Doors
• Window Frames
• Window Screens
• Window Ledges
• Skylights
• Window Tracks

Window Cleaner


• Sinks
• Counters
• Shower/Tub
• Toilet
• Mirrors
• Sweep/Mop

Kitchen Cleaning

Exterior Maintenance: Power Wash

• Deck • Patio
• Porch
• Siding
• Paver • Eaves
• Gutter Cleaning

Exterior Maintenance Before/After

HVAC Services

• Duct Cleaning
• HVAC Tuning
• HVAC Maintenance
• Air Filter Management
• Green Products

HVAC Cleaning




1. Value Your Health...

Property managing is a rewarding job, but can often be a very stressful one. Though you may shrug and say, "It's all a part of the job,' studies show that anxiety is a major health concern among property managers due to those times of high stress. However, when we become part of the problem-solving team, the result is a major decrease in stress. Property managers can completely rely on us to remedy the situation when there is a problem with the Indoor Air Quality, Mold and Haz-Mat situations, or other related pollution and contamination issues. We remove the stress from the situation. We will take care of the problem, from top to bottom. We will take care of you!

Stress Free

Avoiding Risks

2. Avoiding Risk Saves Money...

Many organizations like the EPA are recommencing to Property Managers to verify there are no health perils in a place before a new tenant moves in. Such best practice renders high ROI since it covers a multitude of possible perils, costing millions per each occasion that an issue may come up. Health concerns are a high peril and risk. We have the optimum program to provide you with the best deal per "Pre-Occupancy" inspection. Give us a call for more details, start saving!!

3. Save Valuable Time

It can be challenging to have a discussion with your patron about mold. We understand and are experts in Indoor Air Quality issues like pollution, contamination, or mold growth. We are equipped to deal with such matters efficiently. Your time is valuable, and we aim is to get things accomplished and checked off your To-Do List. You have many other time-sensitive issues to attend to, so we strive to assist by satisfying the patrons promptly.



4. Deter Costly Lawsuits, Save Court Costs, and Fines Over Alleged Indoor Mold…

When a person decides to take someone to court, it is usually because they have already tried other avenues but didn't get results. This could be easily avoided. If a renter expresses concern that there may be mold in the house, let us do an inspection. If there is a problem, it could be taken care of quickly and efficiently, saving thousands of dollars in court costs, lawyer's fees, and time invested.

5. Better Branding: Trust Between Property Manager and Patron…

There are ups and downs in the relationship between a property manager and their patrons. The value of that relationship becomes key for branding. As the reputation of a property managing company grows, higher and better, more patrons would like to be a part of it. Rough times in that relationship immensely decrease the branding and value of the property managing company. During those rough times. When Indoor Air Quality, pollution, and contamination has been an issue, our participation in that relationship has increased the value of the property managing company in the eyes of their valuable patrons.