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Healthy Home, Healthy Family


• Emergency Property Damage Restoration 
• Indoor Pollution /Biohazards 
• Painting 
• Remodeling 
• Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling 
• Plumbing 
• Electrical 
• Carpentry 
• Appliances 
• Flooding Issues 
• Handymen 
• Leaking/ Damaged Roofs 
• Water 
• Water Condensation and Humidity issues 

• Attic Ice Dams and Problems 
• Insulation 
• Mold remediation 
• Drywall and Wall issues 
• Window issues 
• Gutter problems 
• Foundation Water Leaks and Failures,
• Carpet Cleaning 
• Windows Cleaning and Home Cleaning Services 
• Duct cleaning 
• HVAC maintenance 
• Power Wash
• Other Home Maintenance Services.

Home Tuning

We are the One-Shop Stop store for your property /home maintenance, any property/home improvement or any Property/ home Rehabilitation from bottom to top. Why us? an Indoor Air Quality Specialist organization? Well, our statistics are saying that 99.99% of the houses we have inspected are low quality for human habitation. This means that for sure your home is shooting into the air some pollution that you, your kids, and your family are breathing! There is something wrong about this. Our home is not supposed to be in this way. In fact the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and any National Association of Construction Sciences have for long years said so. The craftsmanship of contractors and subcontractors is well respected; nevertheless, they are missing the item that is a must: IT IS ALL ABOUT THE WELL BEING OF PEOPLE. The contractors that built 99.99% of the current homes and buildings missed it: THE HUMAN ELEMENT. This is why WE Environmental Eco Solutions (Enviroland) are the company YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. We believe (along with the EPA, the Construction Sciences and many other Federal agencies) that homes and buildings are for the wellbeing of people, not the other way around. This is where your money gets the farthest bang. Your HEALTH IS UNIQUE and so is anybody else’s as it IS your kid’s and family’s.




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Home / Apartment / OfficeBetter Indoor Air Quality Leads to a Better Life

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• Single Family Houses
• Apartments
• Complex Apartments
• Multiunit Buildings
• Condominiums
• Townhomes
• Ranch Style Houses
• Cabins & Cottages

Indoor Pollution Management:

• Mold Remediation
• Icky Attics Create Moldy Attics
• Hazardous Material Abatement
• Flooding Mitigation
• Backflow Sewer Prevention
• Asbestos Testing
• Radon Testing
• Allergens Management
• Odor Management
• Humidity Management
• Volatile Organic Compounds Testing

Handy Men & Remodeling

• Painting
• Rhabilitations
• Renovations
• Additions
• Modifications
• Roofing Issues
• Foundation Leaks
• Water Leaks
• Demolition
• Gut a room


• Duct Cleaning
• HVAC Tuning
• HVAC Maintenance
• Air Filter Management
• Green Products


• Offices
• Schools
• Restaurants
• Theaters
• Gyms
• Hotels

We Care for your overall comfort at home.

We work with insurance companies for you.

Home / Apartment / Office Interior and Exterior

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• Offices
• Schools
• Restauraunts
• Theaters
• Gyms
• Hotels


• Sanitizing and cleaning 
• Use of mold deterrent and Eco-Friendly products


• Sinks
• Counters
• Shower/Tub
• Toilet
• Mirrors
• Sweep/Mop


• Single Family Houses
• Apartments
• Complex Apartments
• Multiunit Buildings
• Condominiums
• Townhomes
• Ranch Style Houses
• Cabins & Cottages

Window Cleaning

• Interior Windows
• Exterior Windows
• Glass Doors
• Window Frams
• Window Screens
• Window Ledges
• Skylights
• Window Tracks

Specialty Services Indoor

• Home Cleaning Services
• Janitorial Commercial
• Carpet Cleaning
• Area Rug Cleaning
• Steam Cleaning
• Bathrooms
• Tile Floors
• Carpet
• Truck Mount Available
• Uppholstery
• Sitting Booths Steam Clean
• Move-in Move-out Cleaning
• After Construction Cleaning

Exterior Maintenaince

• Power Wash
• Deck
• Patio
• Porch
• Siding
• Paver
• Eaves
• Gutter Cleaning

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