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Basic Steps to Promote Healthy Air Indoors

If we are rooted and committed on keeping this indoor lifestyle with conditioned indoor air then let’s take of it so it would be healthy for us doing so, let’s do this for our loved ones and ourselves. Basic steps towards keeping your living space pollutant free:

Dusting off and cleaning. It is recommended once a week.
Program your HVAC thermostat to run the most efficient way possible.
Be prompt at replacing your furnace’s filter as recommended by the manufacturer.
Manage pet dander.
Avoid indoor smoke.
If you cook, run the range hood, if you have one.
After showering, run the bathroom fan after a shower until moisture condensation is not visible on the walls and mirrors.
After showering, leave an opening on the shower curtains or the shower door so air can circulate all day.

Have a healthy air day.

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I Got Sick After Watching the Game at My Friend’s Apartment.

If I would give you a tomato for you to eat with some green mildew growth on it you probably would give me the look and throw the tomato right away. What about if I invite you to watch the upcoming Bulls game at my friend’s apartment with snacks and beer? However, as you get into the apartment my friend would inform us that the apartment has been tested positive for high-density airborne Stachybotrys? Well, probably the eagerness for watching the game with friends, the snacks, and the beer would entice us much more than this invisible menace. We cannot see it. Nevertheless, there is a high probability that we may, later on, feel the effects of the toxins that this little invisible living organism produces, because as I mentioned: it is toxic. Watch what you breathe.

Copyright: Gabriel Hernandez, Environmental Eco Solutions, Inc. 2017

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How Long Before I Breathe In All the Air In My Room and the Dust?

The EPA says that people in the U.S. expend 90% of their lifetime indoors (1), and thus breathing indoor air. If you are the one replacing your air filter in your furnace or you have replaced the minimum once you are having a very, very, very small sample of what we are talking about.

The average adult at rest inhales and exhales something like 7 or 8 liters (about one-fourth of a cubic foot) of air per minute. That totals something like 11,000 liters of air (388 cubic feet) in a day (2). Let say for the sake of the argument that a small room is 8’ high and 10’ by 8’ thus it is 640 cubic feet. So, it takes about a day and a half for one person to process all the air in such a room and for the lungs and the human body to deal with whatever pollutants may be in the air. The health effects are short term and long term.

Are my lungs a HEPA filter?
How Stuff Works

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Checking the Pollution Real-Time In Google Maps?

For many people with certain health afflictions triggered by pollutants, the idea of a pollutants map is like fresh air to breathe. So, Google seems to be working on this target; at least on one of them: methane. Methane in its gas state can cause asphyxia. When present in gas form it displaces oxygen making it hard to get. One more thing the gas cannot be seen by the eye in its common gas form. So, we don’t know whether it is present or not. That can be changing soon. It would be great if you could check on the maps app for a nearby methane map? Such a thing would be really neat.

Environment Google

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Garlic; Antifungal, Antibacterial, and Antiviral

This is one raw food in particular that have saved me good money, aches and sleep deprived nights. That is Garlic. When I heard what Garlic can do regarding respiratory infections I was totally in with all my attention. It was about 2008 when I heard an interview with author Joe Graedon, Teresa Graedon referring to their recent book which is a compilation of the home remedies known by recorded humanity: The People's Pharmacy Guide to Home and Herbal Remedies. I went to buy it with no delay. Once I got it I rushed throughout the pages directly to the cold remedies section and there it was. Garlic combats fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Now, my story is that I used to have a scheduled visit with my doctor in fall and in spring. I knew I will get antibiotics, I also knew that I will go thru sleepless nights as my throat would get so irritated and sensitive that even trying to swallow saliva would hurt. I knew I needed to have handy two pajamas changes at night for my two times where I found myself totally sweat wet. I knew I could go outdoors through the day to only pay my daring at night time. I also knew it would take me about 10-15 days to completely recover. Well, all that changed when I got this book. Once I started feeling the cold symptoms I ate Garlic as it was mentioned in the book and to my good surprise it worked, and it has worked since then. God has placed good food for our healing and at our reach.

I currently used a modified version of my starting tryouts with Garlic. I noticed that after a couple of days my tummy feel irritated by the acidity of Garlic. At a certain point allysulfenic acid is produced by Garlic and after that, by the combination of two molecules, it is transformed into allicin. Allicin is the all start compound that is praised as anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral. Well, the lingering acidity after eating Garlic got me researching again and found out that simmering the Garlic for about 10 minutes takes the initial acidity away, keeping the anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-viral elements working (at least on me) and it tastes as cauliflower; there you go. Now, that allows me to eat the many Garlic cloves in a Garlic head three times a day for three days without my tummy getting upset, and also nobody at home notices it. However, my experience has been that by the third-day people here and there would ask me: Have you eaten pasta lately? Well, that would be all. Anyways, by this time I would be getting out of my cold symptoms and feeling like new.

Potential Therapeutic Effects of Garlic –NIH- :
National Institutes of Health


Bayan L, Koulivand PH, Gorji A. Garlic: a review of potential therapeutic effects. Avicenna J Phytomed. 2014;4(1):1–14.

But wait… if you call within the next 10 minutes you will get extra information…okay…almost like that. There is more to know about Garlic.

Check out the book The People's Pharmacy Guide to Home and Herbal Remedies and also check out the following link:

Authority Nutrition

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The 11 Things Before You List Your House

The idea of selling the house fast and with no bumps on the way is almost a fictional idea. I have seen houses sold within 24 hours, and others moving slow, very, very slow to the close-up meeting room. I would tell you something: when the house has sold amazingly fast (within less than 24 hours of posting) it has been because of the prior work and preparation for it. This preparation may hugely pay off when the work has been done aiming for the key factors. So, narrow your focus and sell fast. And don’t forget, get the wine in the chiller to be just ready for the celebration and awards once you have close up the sale.


Get any inspection taking care of

If any issue is found, you want enough time to address it and then close up fast when the buyer makes you an offer


Find Your Papers

All related to the property, property related payments and operation manuals

9 Get Estimates

Know your bases to bargain if needed for the things which are not working/ looking the way they should. Just be prepared.


Straighten the Mail Box

Have you heard about curb appeal, right !!

7 Declutter

Open spaces are like breathing fresh air.

6 De-Personalize

Neutral is an invitation for the imagination to figure out how my place would look like. However, use nice decoration and colors.

5 Clean

Nothing like a clean space where anyone feels welcome.

4 Detail the Landscaping

Tune up all the green areas around the house. They might make feel anyone already at home.

3 Hide the Pets

There is no disclosure of how pet dander has been taken care of throughout the years in any selling-house paper form.

2 Plan to Get Rid of the Kids for a While

You want the attention on all the good things about your house on sale.

1 Take a Deep Breath

And many, many pictures until you find the ones bringing the best of the house.


How Stuff Works

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Sure You Want to Keep Your Indoor Air as Healthy as Possible, Right?

As we get cozy under the blankets for a family movie night at home while it is cold outside, we as well might also be getting ready to be simmered into a good cocktail of pollutants that in the short and long run will affect our health and our family’s health. However, we can conquer Veni- Vidi, Vici. Please follow the links below and find out how.

Humidity. Excessive humidity will –with no doubt- foster mold growth, and definitely, we don’t want that. There are several sources of extra humidity inside your living area. Among them: People, dryer, floor washing, cooking, fridge, dishwasher, plants, showering. Amazingly, one person would release 1.15 liters of water vapor per day. The dryer probably around 2 liters per day. Floor washing around 1.7 liters per day. Cooking on the stove would release around 1.6 liters per day. The fridge would release around 1.6 liters per day. The dishwasher around .6 liters per day. Plants about .5 liters per day and the shower around .4 liters per day. These numbers are an approximation and may vary on specific conditions. Nevertheless, altogether they would help us figure a rough draft of how much humidity may be released every day in your place. Now, the issue is that usually there is no outlet for this humidity to get out of your home. In the end, well, in winter time the water vapor condenses at the “First Condensation Surface.” That is the place wherein a room condensation occurs first. Like for instance windows in contact with the outdoor weather. You can see that at the bottom of the window there may be a black stain on the corners which means mold growth. Bottom line, there is a lot of potentials for mold to grow in your living area during winter time.
Lack of fresh air. In winter we are enclosing as much as possible that warmed indoor air. So, that means no cold air will get inside. Well, the air will pick all the VOCs regularly produced in a living space and will re-circulate them over and over with the effect of increasing the air pollution density at each pass which is the antonym of a healthy indoor environment. These airborne VOCs could be mold spores, acetone, benzene, butanal, carbon disulfide, dichlorobenzene, ethanol, formaldehyde, terpenes, toluene, xylene. Do you recognized these (VOCs sources): Mold like stains, nail polish remover, furniture polish and wallpaper, paint, glue, carpeting and emissions from gasoline combustion, burning candles, stoves and cigarettes, chlorinated tap water, mothballs and deodorizers, glass cleaners, dishwasher detergents and laundry detergents, floor lacquers and certain molded plastics, fragrant products such as soap or laundry detergents, paint, traffic emissions and idling cars?. The likelihood of anybody of being exposed to any and all of these airborne VOCs potentially increases indoors.

Air filtering. It seems tricky to try taking care of something that we usually don’t see. If water is leaking from your faucet you would hear it and see it; then it will annoy you. When air pollutants annoy us –usually- is too late. Usually when an airborne pollutant affects our body is too late. Any of them has already created a reaction by which our body is saying “ I am not okay with this and it is damaging me.” We usually leave the preventing and corrective treatment to the furnace air filter. However, I have noticed thru many (I mean: many, many) inspections that the type of air filters is the most inexpensive and that is “False economy” as the EPA would say. This means that while trying to save money on the filter, we are in exchange creating a bigger and more expensive problem, a problem for our health. We have only one body, right? And only for one time, right? We are delegating a lot of responsibility to the square piece of the furnace: the air filter. Usually, the air ducts do not get dusted off with enough periodicity to say that they are not carrying last year dust into the current year. Thus, we can link some of our illnesses and aches in winter to the quality of indoor air that we breathe. Health effects may include Eye, nose and throat irritation. Headaches, loss of coordination and nausea, damage to liver, kidney and central nervous system. Some organics can cause cancer in animals; some are suspected or known to cause cancer in humans. Key signs or symptoms associated with exposure to VOCs include conjunctival irritation, nose and throat discomfort, headache, allergic skin reaction, dyspnea, declines in serum cholinesterase levels, nausea, emesis, epistaxis, fatigue, dizziness. Among the immediate symptoms that some people have experienced soon after exposure to some organics include Eye and respiratory tract irritation, headaches, dizziness, visual disorders and memory impairment. So much can be done (health wise) by several upfront best practices.

ALERT !!! Is Your New Place Safe??   

Are you moving to a new place? Be sure you are not moving to a place that might be unhealthy even that could make you sick !!! We see it over and over and we would like to share this with you. Your home is meant to get you rested and restored of energy. Your home is meant to be a wellness place. In our experience 99.99 % of times a new living place is not checked whether is healthy or not.  Be sure you are going back home, really to home.


Copyright: Gabriel Hernandez, Environmental Eco Solutions, Inc. 2017

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Is the Environment at School Impacting Your Kids’ Performance?

The answer is a plain YES!! School Environment impacts how your kid would do at school. There are some pointers on how to look whether a child’s low performance in class may be because of the premises’ environment. Well, probably it would be a good idea to closely at this before worrying about that kid no pushing enough thru the scholastic training. Last year (2017), the Healthy Buildings Team at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health published a report that you may want to read in this regards. Humidity and mold are factors affecting the IAQ of all environments. Be aware and be ready.



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Now What Do I Do with My Time While Kids Are in School?   

And The One Answer is:  BE PRODUCTIVE! It sounds easy. Well, in a certain way it is easy. Now, being productive has infinite faces. So, your take on being productive will likely be different that anybody elses version of being productive. However, from Enviro’s point of view, there are two universal basic aspects you need to seek in order to step into your version of being productive: physical health and emotional health. Many USA health and environmental related agencies (like EPA) have found that mold is an invisible enemy to your health mostly while indoors along with many other airborne pollutants, and this is 99.99% of the times overlooked!!! So, our recommendation is to do a mold inspection and, when needed, a mold remediation in order to write off the risk of mold affecting you and your family in your house.

Environmental Protection Agency

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Keeping the people affected by Hurricane Florence in our thoughts and prayers! After watching this @CNN video, we can’t imagine what you are experiencing at this time. We know there is still more destruction afterwards with the loss of homes, valuables and personal items, as well as the possible severe water damage in the homes. We are here to help with consultation or advising regarding steps for remediating mold property damages by water or flooding in the homes!! #HurricaneFlorence #WaterDamage #Flood #NorthCarolina #MoldRestoration


CNN Video

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Mold Remediation –Landlord: The tenants are threatening you with court action: It may be a set up!!

We recently received a call from a Landlord about his property unit in Chicago, Illinois that may have mold present in the basement of a rental. The renters believed this was present due to the discoloration on the walls and shared with us that they wanted to take this case to court, due to being the Property Manager’s fault. Therefore, our company conducted a mold inspection of the area to verify the validity of these assumptions. However, when we arrived to complete the mold inspection for the landlord, that’s when we discovered that the tenants had left the unit. As mentioned, they left behind personal belongings, broke the windows in the basement, as well as left the water running from the first floor. 

This was a prime set up for the landlord!! The tenants were very eager and proactive in having the intentions of taking the landlord to court and suing him for the conditions of the home, stating that this has caused their infant’s health hardship since birth. Thankfully our mold inspector arrived in time to conduct the unit’s mold screening, the lab results showed that there was no active mold growth and thus allowed us to provide documentation proving such assessment with which the Landlord was able to breathe out of the court threat. Our findings and the conclusion of the lab results suggested that the Penicillium had been fostering by the lack of dusting and cleaning in the basement. The basement and the air vents were extra dusty, which is also a substance that encourages mold growth. For the preventive mold risk management process, we recommended a partial mold remediation which is sanitizing and deep dusting the area. We provided the sanitation services, which aided in reaching the goal of the mold removal as well as creating proper indoor air quality for the unit. 

Bottom line: YES, MOLD Presence is a Point of Concern for Landlord. Tenants may think Landlords are liable for the mold contamination of their tenant’s units! We urge you to requests an inspection for each unit before rushing to have another tenant residing in the apartments. If mold is present before a tenant moves in and no actions are taken, they may find you liable! We would like to note that in this case scenario, the landlord was on top of his game and invested right away in having a mold inspection and mold remediation process completed in a timely manner. In this particular case, it seemed that the tenants were setting up the unit for mold to grow in secret and use that in few more weeks to point the Landlord liable in court. So beware of the indoor environmental perils, like cleanliness, temperature, moisture and air circulation of your units!

Copyright: Environmental Eco Solutions, -Enviroland- Gabriel Hernandez, Samantha Moretz -2018

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Mold Remediation –Property Management: Is that Daunting Mold Issue Gone

Well, in any case when a property management company (PMC) addresses mold issues thru a qualified agency the tenants give back a lot of respect to them and in that way, the PCM gains the tenants' trust which is gold.

A good project managing technique in place will assure successful results. The beginning of any project is finding out what’s going on and then defining the goals. So, at the end, we need to find a way to assess whether such goals where achieved. Thus the Indoor Air Quality and areas of concern should be checked out for mold again at the end of the project. The outcome of the results would indicate whether the goals have been attained.

Now, unfortunately, mold remediation or mitigation is done many times by handyman, contractors, janitorial companies or individuals whom most of the times have little to none knowledge of how to implement a successful project for IAQ improvement which demands a comprehensive approach.

A mold spore is invisible to the naked eye really. They are microcells that with time and the right conditions create colonies like a forest of branches (mycelium) to survive and reproduce. This is what we usually see. Thus, because the nature of mold growth a successful remediation/removal or mitigation approach would demand special techniques, processes and tools.

The best practices to assure that that Daunting Mold Issue is Gone is by addressing any mold issues thru a qualified company for mold remediation. Check out the reviews, they are really helpful. Ask questions before you start.

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Mold Remediation –Property Management: Spend Less in Mold Remediation !! 

The best most direct route for a less expensive mold remediation is: Hire a known Professional Agency !!

WHY: A good project managing technique in place will assure successful results. The beginning of any mold inspection starts by finding out what’s going on, followed by defining the goals and steps for the mold removal process. In a well structured project, at the end of it, Quality Assurance should come into place. The outcome of the results would indicate whether the goals have been achieved. What does this mean to a project managing agency: SAVINGS !! HOW? Well, because the ROI has been exploded through efficiency and accuracy.

Furthermore, there is an additional gain: in any case when a property management company (PMC) addresses mold issues through a qualified agency, the tenants then show a lot of respect to the property manager. In that way the PCM gains the tenants trust, which is gold!

On the other hand, unfortunately, mold remediation or mold mitigation is done many times by handymen, contractors, janitorial companies or other individuals whom most of the times have little to no knowledge of mold removal. Most times, they even lack in knowledge on how to implement a successful project for IAQ improvement, which demands a comprehensive approach by an IAQ professional.

This is why an IAQ professional approach is important: a mold spore is invisible to the naked eye really. They are micro cells that with time and the right conditions, the spores create colonies like a forest of branches (mycelium) to survive and reproduce. This is what we usually see. Thus, because the nature of mold growth a successful remediation/removal or mitigation approach would demand special techniques, processes and tools.

Thus the way to savings is not a secret at all; it is proven to come about by partnering with a mold remediation professional or an IAQ professional. Also a good practice is to check out their reviews, they are very helpful.  Don’t forget to ask questions before you start.

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Mold Remediation –Mom and Dad, see what you don’t see at home!

Are you a stay at home mom or dad? This will open your eyes, Really!!

Can you tell what are the three physical factors affecting your home and then your family’s physical being?

Research has shown that 70% of life time in US lifestyle is spent inside your home, 70%!! Yes, 70 %! Personally, I love being home as much as anyone else and I enjoy teaching and watching my children grow up, but that is a lot of time spent indoors! The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has conducted research showing that your home can be the cause of some of you and your family’s health problems, YES. Here's how; the quality of indoor living of your home is composed by three components: (a) Physiological Health: (lead, radon, mold, and temperature), (b) Psychological Health (noise and inadequate light), and (c) Safety.

To break this down a little more for you, this is comprised of fire safety, radon, pests, ventilation, lead, temperature, mold, environmental tobacco smoke (Ets), other contaminants, carbon monoxide, structural issues, cleaning and clutter. These housing items can then affect your health resulting in asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems, lead poisoning, falls/injuries, cancer, cardiovascular events, poisonings, death, mental health, and many other negative quality of life outcomes.

So what can you do? Here are a few steps to take into consideration. Simply, spend some time outdoors. Well, with the weather becoming colder (in winter or too hot in summer) this may be a little tough to do, but bundle up and go get some fresh air or bring up the shorts and shirts! One more factor you could try to improve your indoor air quality (IAQ) would be caring about the specs of the air filter. We recommend replacing the air filter every three months. We would also suggest to properly cleaning and dusting your home every week, or more if needed! We would also recommend a mold inspection if you have had leaks in your home, have seen signs of mold, or have experienced intriguing health problems, or even if there is a dusty home. Is it too much to keep up with? Don’t worry, we know a guy! Contact us today at (847) 250 7809 for scheduling an in home mold testing! Or an Indoor Air Quality assessment. Our goal is nothing but the best for you and your family, so we put you and your family’s wellbeing needs first. But don’t wait until things get bad or your family gets affected, many symptoms start silently. Call us to schedule a free phone consultation!!

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