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United States Environmental Protection Agency


Our Mission:

The mission of EPA is to protect human health and the environment.

EPA's purpose is to ensure that:

  • All Americans are protected from significant risks to human health and the environment where they live, learn and work;
  • National efforts to reduce environmental risk are based on the best available scientific information;
  • Federal laws protecting human health and the environment are enforced fairly and effectively;
  • Environmental protection is an integral consideration in U.S. policies concerning natural resources, human health, economic growth, energy, Transportation, agriculture, industry, and international trade, and these factors are similarly considered in establishing environmental policy;
  • All parts of society -- communities, individuals, businesses, and state, local and tribal governments -- have access to accurate information Sufficient to effectively participate in managing human health and environmental risks;
  • Environmental protection contributes to making our communities and ecosystems diverse, sustainable and economically productive; and
  • The United States plays a leadership role in working with other nations to protect the global environment.

To accomplish this mission, we:

Develop and enforce regulations

When Congress writes an environmental law, we implement it by writing regulations. Often, we set national standards that states and tribes enforce through their own regulations. If they fail to meet the national standards, we can help them. We also enforce our regulations, and help companies understand the requirements.

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Federal Interagency Committee on Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)


The Federal Interagency Committee on Indoor Air Quality (CIAQ) was established by Congress in 1983. The mission of the CIAQ is to coordinate federal indoor air quality research while facilitating the exchange of information among….

  • Federal agencies
  • State governments
  • Local governments
  • The research community
  • Email Updates
  • The private sector
  • The general public

The CIAQ also supports EPA’s IAQ research program required by Section 403 of the 1986 Superfund Amendments and Re-authorization Act (SARA).

The CIAQ is co-chaired by:

  • EPA
  • The Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • The Department of Energy
  • The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
  • The Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  • Other federal departments and agencies participate as members

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


CDC works 24/7 to protect America from health, safety and security threats, both foreign and in the U.S. Whether diseases start at home or abroad, are chronic or acute, curable or preventable, human error or deliberate attack, CDC fights disease and supports communities and citizens to do the same.

CDC increases the health security of our nation. As the nation’s health protection agency, CDC saves lives and protects people from health threats. To accomplish our mission, CDC conducts critical science and provides health information that protects our nation against expensive and dangerous health threats, and responds when these arise.

Corona Virus:


CDC's Role

CDC, Logo

  • Detecting and responding to new and emerging health threats
  • Tackling the biggest health problems causing death and disability for Americans
  • Putting science and advanced technology into action to prevent disease
  • Promoting healthy and safe behaviors, communities and environment
  • Developing leaders and training the public health workforce, including disease detectives
  • Taking the health pulse of our nation

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Asthma Community Network

Asthma Communitynetwork.org


You are here: You are here

Asthma Community Network Home » About » Who We Are

Join today and become a partner in building and maintaining AsthmaCommunityNetwork.org. This online Network is designed for community-based asthma programs and organizations that sponsor them—including representatives of health plans and providers, government health and environmental agencies, nonprofits, coalitions, schools and more. The Network is supported by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in partnership with Allies Against Asthma, a program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Merck Childhood Asthma Network, Inc. (MCAN), a nonprofit organization funded by the Merck Company Foundation.

Community-based asthma programs in this national Network are helping each other to achieve remarkable health and quality of life improvements for people with asthma. This interactive Network will introduce you to effective strategies that are key to achieving positive health outcomes.

Members in this Network have real-time access to other registered programs and their best practices; cutting-edge Internet tools to facilitate collaboration, problem solving, and learning between leaders of asthma programs; and the most current strategies for making your program a thriving and comprehensive asthma management resource. Benefits for member programs include:

  • Learning from and networking with asthma programs nationwide
  • Locating and teaming with mentors to assist with program activities
  • Accessing emerging themes in asthma management strategies
  • Highlighting your program’s activities with your own program profile page
  • Posting and finding local, regional and national events
  • Receiving national asthma awards and recognition

Become part of this interactive Network to help lead asthma care in the U.S. The Network is offered at no cost and open to all communities across the nation committed to helping people with asthma live the healthy and active lives they deserve. To register and get started, click here.

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US Department of Energy


Our Mission
The mission of the Energy Department is to ensure America’s security and prosperity by addressing its energy, environmental and nuclear challenges through transformative science and technology solutions. Learn more.

Our Leadership
As United States Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry leads an agency tasked with maintaining a safe, secure and effective nuclear deterrent and reducing the threat of nuclear proliferation, overseeing the United States’ energy supply, carrying out the environmental clean-up from the Cold War nuclear mission, and the 17 National Laboratories. Learn more.

Working With Us
The Energy Department's mission speaks to all sectors of the economy. Whether your expertise is in science, technology, engineering, national security, international affairs or business, the Energy Department offers challenging and innovative work environments.
Learn more.

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National Institutes of Health (NIH) | Turning Discovery Into Health


The National Institutes of Health is made up of 27 different components called Institutes and Centers. Each has its own specific research agenda, often focusing on particular diseases or body systems. All but three of these components receive their funding directly from Congress, and administrate their own budgets. NIH leadership plays an active role in shaping the agency's research planning, activities, and outlook.

The Office of the Director is the central office, responsible for setting policy for NIH and for planning, managing, and coordinating the programs and activities of all the NIH components.

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National Library of Medicine - National Institutes of Health


About the National Library of Medicine

The National Library of Medicine (NLM), on the campus of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, has been a center of information innovation since its founding in 1836. The world’s largest biomedical library, NLM maintains and makes available a vast print collection and produces electronic information resources on a wide range of topics that are searched billions of times each year by millions of people around the globe. It also supports and conducts research, development, and training in biomedical informatics and health information technology. In addition, the Library coordinates a 6,000-member National Network of Libraries of Medicine that promotes and provides access to health information in communities across the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) | Fact Sheets | Images and Logos | Functional Statement | Congressional Justifications

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US Food and Drug Administration


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is an agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It consists of the Office of the Commissioner and four directorates overseeing the core functions of the agency: Medical Products and Tobacco, Foods and Veterinary Medicine, Global Regulatory Operations and Policy, and Operations.

FDA is responsible for

  • protecting the public health by assuring the safety, effectiveness, quality, and security of human and veterinary drugs, vaccines and other biological products, and medical devices. The FDA is also responsible for the safety and security of most of our nation’s food supply, all cosmetics, dietary supplements and products that give off radiation.
  • regulating tobacco products.

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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)


It is the mission of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) to enhance and protect the health and well-being of all Americans. We fulfill that mission by providing for effective health and human services and fostering advances in medicine, public health, and social services.

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Health and Safety – Hurricane Harvey


Your health is top priority. We have one body and it is unique. We suggest for you to do all and everything to assure the wellbeing of your loves ones and yours when dealing with the aftermath of a Hurricane like Harvey. Please click on the "cdc.gov" button above this paragraph for further information on this regard.

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It is Matter of Time for the Mold to Show Up!!! – Harvey – 


Save money and GUARD YOUR HEALTH!! Mold can show up in about 24 hours when conditions are optimum. In buildings which have been flooded it is just matter of time for mold to thrive. EPA had issued an “after-floods” edition in their website in face of the overwhelming effect of hurricane Harvey. Either if you are just walking through your property or if you are ready to undertake the tasks of restoring your property this is a must read for you.

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Why You Would Like To Work In A "Green Building"


Is it really effective or it is just morally right for employers to provide a green environment to its employees? Studies on this subject have shed light pointing to the right direction. Caring for employees’ operational conditions works and is a win-win situation. 

The EPA calls “False Investments” to investment in buildings structure and/or operations which wind up costing much more in the productivity of its more valuable asset: its employees. Business in the IAQ industry we have known this for a while however this has been a hard sell since there has been little to back it up with. However, However, that has changed and as time passes there has been more and more open sources providing sustainable light on the subject. You can find several of them in this website to mention: EPA- IAQ, EPA -ASTHMA, NIH, CDC, HHS, US Department of Energy.

The conclusion seems clear: As employees are within a healthier environment –“green”- their cognitive function improves reflected in a number of fronts: strategy, crisis response, and focused activity level.   In other words, a green operational environment improves productivity. A study made in Harvard shows that the improvement in cognitive function is 61% and that in an “enhance green building” such improvement is 101%. Amazing !!.

We are talking about human lives. This resource is considered the most valuable asset by any company. We can go beyond that. As the employer is looking for more “perks” to attract the most qualified personnel, a “green” environment may be the most important benefit offered and possibly the one with greater value and the one with really lasting benefits and implications.

We assess then, that providing a “green” building or an “enhance green building” is not only right but a intelligent and sound investment from employers towards its “gold” asset: employees. 

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Sure You Want to Keep Your Indoor Air as Healthy as Possible, Right?

As we get cozy under the blankets for a family movie night at home while it is cold outside, we as well might also be getting ready to be simmered into a good cocktail of pollutants that in the short and long run will affect our health and our family’s health. However, we can conquer Veni- Vidi, Vici. Please follow the links below and find out how.

Humidity. Excessive humidity will –with no doubt- foster mold growth, and definitely, we don’t want that. There are several sources for extra humidity inside your living area. Among them: People, dryer, floor washing, cooking, fridge, dishwasher, plants, showering. Amazingly, one person would release 1.15 liters of water vapor per day. The dryer probably around 2 liters per day. Floor washing around 1.7 liters per day. Cookin on the stove would release around 1.6 liters per day. The fridge would release around 1.6 liters per day. The dishwasher around .6 liters per day. Plants about .5 liters per day and the shower around .4 liters per day. These numbers are an approximation and may vary on specific conditions. Nevertheless, altogether they would help us figure a rough draft of how much humidity may be released every day in your place. Now, the issue is that usually there is no outlet for this humidity to get out of your home. In the end, well, in winter time the water vapor condenses at the “First Condensation Surface.” That is the place wherein a room condensation occurs first. Like for instance windows in contact with the outdoor weather. You can see that at the bottom of the window there may be a black stain on the corners which means mold growth. Bottom line, there is a lot of potentials for mold to grow in your living area during winter time.

Lack of fresh air. In winter we are enclosing as much as possible that warmed indoor air. So, that means no cold air will get inside. Well, the air will pick all the VOCs regularly produced in a living space and will re-circulate them over and over with the effect of increasing the air pollution density at each pass which is the antonym of a healthy indoor environment. These airborne VOCs could be mold spores, acetone, benzene, butanal, carbon disulfide, dichlorobenzene, ethanol, formaldehyde, terpenes, toluene, xylene. Do you recognized these (VOCs sources): Mold like stains, nail polish remover, furniture polish and wallpaper, paint, glue, carpeting and emissions from gasoline combustion, burning candles, stoves and cigarettes, chlorinated tap water, mothballs and deodorizers, glass cleaners, dishwasher detergents and laundry detergents, floor lacquers and certain molded plastics, fragrant products such as soap or laundry detergents, paint, traffic emissions and idling cars?. The likelihood of anybody of being exposed to any and all of these airborne VOCs potentially increases indoors.

Air filtering. It seems tricky to try taking care of something that we usually don’t see. If water is leaking from your faucet you would hear it and see it; then it will annoy you. When air pollutants annoy us –usually- is too late. Usually when an airborne pollutant affects our body is too late. Any of them has already created a reaction by which our body is saying “ I am not okay with this and it is damaging me.” We usually leave the preventing and corrective treatment to the furnace air filter. However, I have noticed thru many (I mean: many, many) inspections that the type of air filters is the most inexpensive and that is “False economy” as the EPA would say. This means that while trying to save money on the filter, we are in exchange creating a bigger and more expensive problem, a problem to our health. We have only one body, right? And only for one time, right? We are delegating a lot or responsibility to the square piece of the furnace: the air filter. Usually, the air ducts do not get dusted off with enough periodicity to say that they are not carrying last year dust into the current year. Thus, we can link some of our illnesses and aches in winter to the quality of indoor air that we breathe. Health effects may include Eye, nose and throat irritation. Headaches, loss of coordination and nausea, damage to liver, kidney and central nervous system. Some organics can cause cancer in animals; some are suspected or known to cause cancer in humans. Key signs or symptoms associated with exposure to VOCs include conjunctival irritation, nose and throat discomfort, headache, allergic skin reaction, dyspnea, declines in serum cholinesterase levels, nausea, emesis, epistaxis, fatigue, dizziness. Among the immediate symptoms that some people have experienced soon after exposure to some organics include Eye and respiratory tract irritation, headaches, dizziness, visual disorders and memory impairment. So much can be done (health wise) by several upfront best practices.





Copyright: Gabriel Hernandez, Environmental Eco Solutions, Inc. 2017

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Do You Feel Like Not Going To Work?  

There may be an invisible reason for that… and you don’t know it… yet!

There have been several competent studies focusing in the best conditions for human productivity. In other words, if you feel really good at work, then productivity wins and at the end of the day you feel good about it. The Harvard Business Review issued the following article about this. If you want to be excited about going to work, check this out:
Copyright: Gabriel Hernandez, Environmental Eco Solutions, Inc. 2018

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